BS 6007 Rubber Trailing Cables

BS 6007 Rubber Trailing Cables

Flexible 85*C HOFR BS6007 heavy-duty rubber trailing cables. Applications include generator sets, standby power, submersible pumps, power tools and all kinds of mobile machinery and equipment.

SLD's comprehensive quality system is accredited to ISO9001.

Connector Type Size Max Amperage Volts Drop/KM Length Description Core
12mm Spade
Lug/ Power
240mmsq 645 0.23 30m Single
Lug/Power 120mmsq 379 0.36 50m/25m Single
Lug/Power 95mmsq 327 0.44 25mm Single
Lug/Power 25mmsq 142 1.4 25m Single
Ceeform (125A) 10mmsq 80 3.8 50m/25m Three/Five
Ceeform (63A) 4mmsq 45 10.0 50m/25m Three/Five
Ceeform (16A) 2.5mmsq 33 16.0 25m/50m Three/Five

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