Submersible Pump Rental

SLD Pumps and Power is the leading supplier of submersible pumps and generator packages in the UK for both hire and sale. SLD offer an extensive range of submersible pumps and control gear for use in a wide range of applications from some of the world's leading pump manufacturers. Whether its electric or hydraulic submersible pumps, SLD provide you with an unrivalled 24 x 7 service in the provision of electric submersible pumps for planned and emergency temporary pump installations backed by a fully trained and experienced team of technicians.

Electric Submersible Pump Range

From simple site drainage to major sewer diversions and sophisticated remote monitoring of unmanned sites using cutting edge telemetry systems and automatic level controls, you can rest assure SLD will provide the best submersible pumping solution for your requirement. From civil engineering projects and tunneling drainage, to dry-dock submersible pump applications, temporary pump installations and mine and quarry drainage including high head pumps and other specialist pumping solutions. Our experienced submersible pump engineers will design a bespoke pump package for your pumping requirement. A solution you can rely on!

With over 40 years experience and knowledge , SLD's continuous investment in training and our UK depot network , our people are in the right place armed with the know-how to make your job work.

Electric Pump Range

Electric Submersible Drainage Pump Range

SLD electric submersible drainage pump portfolio range from 2" to 10" discharge and from 0.75kW - 55kW motor sizes. For clean and dirty water applications, SLD's electric submersible drainage pumps are energy efficient particularly when used with float level controls. Our electric submersible drainage units feature silent operation for limiting noise nuisance and are compact and easy to handle and install , even in areas with limited access. SLD's electric submersible drainage pumps are available in medium head and high head versions, for use in site drainage, dry-dock dewatering, potable water transfer, mineral / aggregate wash plants and flood prevention and alleviation.

Electric Submersible Sewage Pump Range

SLD electric submersible sewage / solids handling pump range from 3" to 10" discharge and from 2kW to 44kW motor sizes. SLD electric submersible sewage pumps are designed for handling soft sludges and effluent. Our electric submersible sewage range feature single channel impellers with good efficiency and excellent solids handling ability. Temporary sewer diversions using electric submersible pump and generator packages are handled with ease using electric submersible sewage pump units. Remote monitoring and telemetry systems provide early warning alerts to our on call engineers.

SLD electric submersible sewage / solid handling pump range is extensively used in civil engineering, public utilities and industrial effluent transfer. Complete submersible packages are available for the diversion of full operational flows in sewer pumping stations, waste water treatment works in both emergency and planned upgrade situations, or single pump installations for simple site drainage.

Hydraulic Pump Range

Hydraulic Submersible Pump Range

At SLD, being flexible and designing tailor made pump rental / sale packages with you the customer in mind continues with our Hydraulic Submersible pump range. The simplicity of SLD hydraulic submersible pumps in both operation and maintenance has made them increasingly popular in the marketplace. Incorporating the proven 'Godwin Dri-Prime' system to our Hydraulic Submersible Pump range again gives our customers of no priming problems through its dry running capabilities. SLD's hydraulic submersible pump range offers both the excellent design characteristics of our Diesel pump range with the added benefit of a submersible pump unit, operable in locations where electric options are impossible or incompatible such as remote sites and hazardous areas. Coupled with a class leading Diesel Power Packs, SLD hydraulic submersible pump units offer a first class choice when pumping requirements demand a submersible solution.

SLD Hydraulic Submersible Pump Range

SLD offer a wide range of Hydraulic Submersible Pump units and powerpacks with the capabilities of achieving both an extensive range of flows and heads. SLD hydraulic pump units range from sizes 3" to 6" discharge. Our complete hydraulic submersible pump range is available with the option of float control allowing for easy, variable, flow management and is available in as standard or supersilent hydraulic submersible pumps, dependent on your need. For added durability, SLD's hydraulic submersible pump units are built with cast chromium steel impellers and are fitted with double mechanical seals. Semi-recessed impellers are available for sewage and larger solids handling capabilities and also vortex and slurry gate models.

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