Technical Information

Generator Formulae (Three Phase Generators)

Key to Symbols

AC = Alternating Current
DC = Direct Current
E = Volts
Eff = Efficiency
H.P. = Horse Power
I = Current
KVA = Kilovolt Amps
KW = Kilowatts
P.F. = Power Factor
m = Meters
mm = Millimeters

To Find Known Values 3 Phase
KW Volts, Current, P.F. E x I x 1.73² x PF = KVA x PF
KVA Volts, Current E x I x 1.73² = KW
RKVA Volts, Current, P.F. E x I x 1.73² x √1 - (PF)²
KW Motor HP, Elf HP x .746
(Required for Motor)   Efficiency
kVA Motor HP, Elf, P.F. HP x .746
(Required for Motor)   Efficiency x PF
Amps HP, Volts HP x .746
    1.73 x E x Efficiency x PF
Amps KW, Volts, P.F. KW x 1000
    E x 1.73² x PF
Amps KW, Volts KVA x 1000
    E x 1.73²

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